The Simple Stand


The world's most affordable phone stand.  Stylish and customizable with multiple uses, the Simple Stand has it all.

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          In designing the Simple Stand, my goal was to bring a product to market from inception to the availability of a real, orderable product.  I started by designing a phone stand that would allow me to see my phone while it rested on my desk.  I needed a way to inexpensively  make and mail my product to customers.  I decided paper would be the best material for the job.  Creating a geometric pattern in a single sheet of paper that held the weight of an Iphone 5 was not a simple task.

           It took many design iterations, but eventually I succeeded.  Included on the paper were arrows to guide the costumer through the Simple Stand assembly process.  In addition to designing the stand, I created an instructional video to show the customer how to fold the paper into the Simple Stand.  I was successful in getting my project approved by Kickstarter and launched the project to the world.  Unfortunately, I only raised $60 from 6 supporters but, nonetheless, I  accomplished what I had set out to do.  I invented a new product, created a plan for delivery and successfully brought the product to market, all in only the first 3 weeks of my high school senior year summer.

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          The Simple Stand project is the initial test phase in a longer-term initiative to bring a line of very affordable, convenience products to the home consumer.  The idea for the Simple Stand came about as I was frustrated by always having to pick up my phone from my desk to see the time or who was texting me.  I decided to use an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper to design a stand to hold my phone in a position that would allow me to see the face of the phone.  Through a series of folds and insertions, the paper takes the shape of a stand.  Printed on the paper are lines and numbers that guide the folding process.  A .pdf file will be emailed to the customer to allow them to print and fold the product immediately following their purchase.  Not only does the product provide a convenience, but it’s fun to make.  Customers can submit pictures or logos to customize the product as well.  It can also be used as a business card holder.


          Creator- Rob Sasena.  I am a freshman at the University of Vermont.  I have always enjoyed building things with my hands.  I decided to use that passion to create a product that provides a convenience at a very affordable price and with instant gratification upon purchase.



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