The Swivel Mount


Combining camera stability with maneuverability, the swivel mount is unlike anything on the market today.


           I first started working on the design of the camera mounting system in 2011.  Inspired by the GoPro, I was determined to use the small camera in a more creative way.  After making the first prototype out of simple LEGO gears and bricks I searched for a prototyping company to take the swivel mount to the next phase.  I received a quote from PRG Prototyping  for $12,000 to transform the LEGO design to a manufacturable  prototype.  As the summer came to a close, I created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the prototyping process.


         My interest in the project still exists as I see the camera/GoPro market continue to expand.  After taking an introductory course in physics during my freshman year, I rethought the camera design.  I used SOLIDWORKS to capture a 3D model of the swivel mount and had it 3D printed at school.