Simplified Programmable Printer

This robot uses servo motors to control the motion of a pencil on a two dimensional surface.   The robot appeared relatively simple but has the potential to create amazing works of art due to the ability to program the output.  The robot can decontrolled with a joystick or a program which instructs the servos to follow a series of intricate patterns.  This device shares similar traits to a 3D printer in that it is producing output from a pencil on a 2D plane while a 3D printer works in a additional 3rd dimension.


Additionally I had created code and hardware for the robot to be controlled with a joystick.  After testing it was clear that a sensitivity adjustment was needed to allow the user to have more precise control of the motion of drawing arm.  I successfully added this feature as well which could be adjusted to the users preference.


When the two variations of the robot were complete I presented the design to a large lecture hall of my fellow classmates and professor.


Arduino Controlled Robot

As part of our EE 101 final teams were required to build and program a robot that could navigate through an obstacle course and correctly identify and remove a particular colored object.  This robot used Motors, Infrared and Ultrasonic sensors to navigate through the maze while a custom color sensor was used to allow the robot to identify the correct object.  Our team was the first to successfully complete the maze and remove the object.